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InnovationQ Plus is an Innovation Discovery and Analytics Platform

Launched by IEEE and IP.com in 2016, InnovationQ Plus is the only tool that combines the power of a patented semantic search based on machine learning, with full-text IEEE documents and a global patent database.

How has InnovationQ Plus Evolved?


At Launch
  • Full-text of patents from 10 of the top authorities
  • Over 70 million patent documents
  • Full-text non-patent literature, including IEEE journals, conferences, and standards
What’s New
  • Now with full-text of patents from over 100 authorities
  • More than 120 million patent documents
  • Plus:
    • > 50,000 US litigation cases linked to patents
    • Corporate Tree based on S&P Global Market Intelligence company relationships data
    • Pharmaceutical data from US FDA “Orange Book” and Australian register
    • Over 2 million other non-patent literature documents from the IET, SMPTE, OnePetro, Pub Med, IBM, IP.com’s Prior Art Database, Wiley, MIT, and more.

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At Launch


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At Launch
At Launch
  • Patented semantic search based on machine learning, uniquely tuned for discovery of patent and technical documents
What’s New
  • Advanced Query Builder to create complex fielded searches, or use advanced Boolean syntax for precision
  • Document List search to streamline workflows

Visualizations & Analysis

At Launch
  • 21 standard charts
  • Semantic Map
What’s New
  • Analyze custom charting mode
  • Next-generation semantic mapping with advanced highlighting
  • Favorite visuals dashboard

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At Launch

User Experience

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At Launch
At Launch
  • Intuitive interface allows patent professionals as well as researchers, executives, and other stakeholders to perform searches and analysis with ease
What’s New
  • Continued improvements for ease of use: new navigation; multi-panel results view, new filters for litigation and affiliation; improved family and citation linking, new semantic map highlights, enhanced portfolios, expanded semantic map depths, improved de-dupe options, streamline company name lookup, and more.

Featured Enhancements

Comprehensive Corporate Tree

The most comprehensive corporate tree in the industry.

  • Based on S&P Global Market Intelligence company relationships data
  • Comprises over 145,000 company name matches
  • Includes both small private companies and large public corporations
  • Provides more accurate and complete company patent portfolios, with an understanding of mergers, acquisitions, and subsidiaries
Screenshot: Corporate Tree

Customizable Multi-Panel Views

Increase productivity by choosing which part(s) of the document to view as you review results.

  • New multi-panel view added to List View, Split View, and Visualizations area
  • Edit Layout to choose one of five different layouts, then drag and drop viewable areas into template
  • Drag panel edges to change width of panel
Screenshot: Customizable Multi-Panel Views

Enhanced Semantic Map Highlights

Use new map highlights to illuminate aspects of documents to better understand a portfolio or technology space, spot trends, and more.

  • In addition to Ultimate Parent and Current Assignee, new highlight options include: Publication Year, Inventors, CPC/IPC subclasses and subgroups, and NPL Authors/Inventors and Affiliations
  • Sort highlight values by relevance, count, or alphanumerically and show all values
Screenshot: Enhanced Semantic Map Highlights

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