IEEE Research Powers New Patents

Studies have shown that IEEE publications are critical to the patent process: IEEE is cited in patents three times more often than any other publisher.

The current 1790 Analytics LLC study shows that:

  • IEEE journals and conference proceedings received more than three times the number of citations as any other publisher.
  • Referencing of IEEE papers in patents has increased 896% since 1997.
  • Patents that reference IEEE are cited more often than patents that do not.
  • In the overall patent system, patented technologies are increasingly referencing scientific articles and IEEE provides an increasing portion of that science base.
  • Not only do IEEE publications frequently provide the science base for new inventions, but inventions that build upon IEEE publications are more likely to be valuable in the future than inventions that do not build upon IEEE.
Chart: IEEE Cited 3x More

For more information on how IEEE leads patent citations, please visit here.

The Changing Patent Landscape

Companies have to be more thoughtful about which patents deserve the expense and resources of global coverage.

  • The cost for obtaining broad patent coverage continues to increase.
  • Greater uncertainty and invalidation risk surrounding U.S. patents.
  • Most patents do not drive the ROI necessary to justify maintenance fees.

There’s an Opportunity for organizations to:

  • Reduce failures and spend their resources on more valuable patents
  • Better draft claims strategically based on deep patent research
  • Make better product development decisions by identifying the best market opportunities

InnovationQ Plus Can Help Throughout the Patent Process

Make smarter, more cost-effective decisions about the entire innovation process by:

  • Accessing and identifying prior art
  • Determining patentability
  • Gaining global understanding of patent clearance and freedom to operate
  • Enabling better patent claim & application construction
  • Identifying industry activity and discover opportunities
  • Assessing competitive positioning and threats
  • Discovering partnerships and licensing opportunities
  • Analyzing your IP’s positioning in the market
  • Optimizing R&D operations

The InnovationQ Plus Advantage

InnovationQ Plus allows organizations to save valuable time and money in the patent application process and inform organizations on how to protect and commercialize IP faster than ever.

High-quality Content Icon

High-quality Content

Indexes the full text of IEEE publications alongside a comprehensive global patent literature database.
Unified Global Search Icon

Unified Global Search

Allows searching of multiple IP key sources at once from all over the world.
Improves Decision Making Icon

Improves Decision Making

Provides a single, integrated solution that enables discovery of key information to confidently make decisions regarding your IP portfolio.
Innovative Search Technology Icon

Innovative Search Technology

Delivers a uniquely tuned patented semantic engine for IP driving comprehensive and accurate results.
Built-in Acumen Icon

Built-in Acumen

Reduces the need to be experts in multiple highly technical disciplines since the semantic engine can understand the inventor’s description of their idea.
Understand the Landscape Icon

Understand the Landscape

Simple-to-interpret visualizations reveal market opportunities, competitive positioning and threats, and insights into patent portfolios.

Semantic Search

The patented InnovationQ Plus search technology allows users to find valuable content that is buried in complex patent and technical documents, allowing IP professionals to more effectively analyze prior art and increase productivity

Patented search engine developed by experts in machine learning increases researcher and analyst productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Map Tool Screenshot

Map Tool

The Map tool provides users with a visual representation of critical patent and non-patent documents based on concepts and meaning extracted from content. Easily identify opportunities and quickly analyze the competitive landscape to identify the important information to make business decisions.

More Features to Streamline Your Workflow

  • Narrow results with filters
  • Share information with colleagues with collaboration tools
  • Manage your portfolio by saving results and setting alerts
  • Quickly export PDF reports, results, charts, and maps
  • Identify licensable technologies
Streamlined Workflow Screenshot