What is InnovationQ Plus?

InnovationQ Plus is a unique patent search and analytics platform that combines an AI-based search engine with a global patent database and critical IEEE content to quickly sift through millions of complex documents to find relevant prior art and uncover powerful insights.

Discover a Rich Prior Art Collection via One Integrated Solution

InnovationQ Plus indexes IEEE full text publications alongside one of the largest global patent literature databases in the industry.

Content includes:

  • Global database of over 115 million patents and applications
  • More than 4.5 million documents from IEEE journals, conferences, and standards – cited in patents 3x more than other publishers
  • More than 6 million scientific journals, conferences, and standards from IET, OnePetro, SMPTE, IP.com’s Prior Art Database, IBM, Wiley, MIT, and more.
  • Pharmaceutical data from US FDA “Orange Book” and Australian register
  • Over 80,000 US litigation cases linked to patents
  • Company financial data from S&P Market Intelligence
  • IP.com’s proprietary Prior Art Database, the largest database of invention disclosures
  • Licensable technology from universities

Developed for IP Professionals

The powerful, yet user-friendly lens into essential patent and IEEE literature makes InnovationQ Plus accessible to any professional at corporations, IP law firms, patent offices, and academic technology transfer offices:

  • Intellectual Property Departments
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Engineering and R&D
  • Patent Searchers and Examiners
  • Technology Transfer Offices
  • Strategy Teams
  • Competitive Intelligence Departments
  • Product Management
  • Executive Management
  • Sales and Marketing

See InnovationQ Plus in Action

Intellectual Property Departments Icon

Intellectual Property Departments

While evaluating innovations and managing your existing patent portfolio, you need to maximize revenue and minimize risks with more and more efficiency. Quickly discover critical prior art and gain key insights into the competitive landscape, minimizing the time and resources spent on inventions that are not patentable while maximizing the commercial potential for those that are.

IP Law Firms

Your clients count on you to protect them from patent infringement, patent invalidation or representing and supporting them through litigation. Minimize legal risks for your clients while increasing productivity, enticing more clients and covering more cases.

Technology Transfer Offices Icon

Technology Transfer Offices

Optimize the commercialization of inventions from university research and assist each inventor in realizing the full commercial potential of an idea. Improve the efficacy of the cycle of innovation and maximize the public value of discoveries by analyzing the industry landscape and discovering opportunities for partnering and licensing assets.

Patent Searchers and Examiners

With innovation rapidly evolving and patenting increasing, it is difficult for patent offices around the world to manage the incoming volume of new patent applications and produce high-quality grants in a short period. Searchers and examiners have to accomplish more with the same or fewer resources. The right tools present an opportunity to reach your goals in less time by accelerating the patent evaluation process. Rapidly determine patentability, swiftly find all relevant prior art, reduce application refiling, increase examiner productivity, and compress the learning curve for new or junior examiners and searchers.

R&D and Strategy Teams

Both scientific literature as well as patent information is important in the innovation process. Having the ability to discover, gain understanding, and analyze the technical information and concepts within scientific literature and patents can provide insight into hidden opportunities, emerging technologies, and the overall technology landscape including competitive threats. See how InnovationQ Plus can enhance your R&D.